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We’re Here to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

We’re Here to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

If seeing the dentist makes you a little nervous, apprehensive, or downright stressed, you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that about half of adults have some degree of dental fear.  The problem is so common that it is incorporated into the curriculum of dental school and professional seminars.

At North Tahoe Dental we understand the apprehension some people may have.  Our team is committed to giving patients a comfortable dental visit.  We believe this starts with communication.  We make every effort to listen to and learn about our patients past experiences to find out what they need to have a great dental visit.

Some patients may need a blanket or a comfortable neck pillow.  For longer appointments, many patients enjoy our noise canceling headphones while listening to music from our office iPads to drown out the dental noise. If you need a visual distraction, you can also choose to stream a movie or TV show to really take your mind off of the work at hand.

If you have dental concerns and/or dental fear, our team at North Tahoe Dental is happy to help make you comfortable so you can receive the best dental care in the Truckee Tahoe area. If you have any questions about dental anxiety for your upcoming appointment, please contact our offices to discuss your concerns with our helpful administrative staff.