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One-Visit Crowns – Restoring Your Smile in Just One Day

One-Visit Crowns – Restoring Your Smile in Just One Day

Dental crowns, or ‘caps’, are one of the most common dental procedures.  Crowns are used to restore teeth that are missing part of their natural structure due to decay or trauma.  Until CEREC® 3D advanced technology was developed, crowns usually required two visits to your dentist. The first visit was to remove decay, and to shape and prepare the tooth for the temporary crown.  The second visit, scheduled for weeks later, was to install the permanent crown.

With the CEREC® one-visit process, patients only have to make one appointment. They don’t have to wear a temporary crown, which can be uncomfortable and often times they come off at very inconvenient times.

The milled porcelain used in CEREC® crowns is highly durable and mimics natural enamel in both function and esthetics. In some cases, CEREC® crowns can preserve natural tooth structure because they are so precisely measured and fitted. Additionally, the materials used in CEREC® crowns often make for a more natural appearance than alternative options.

If you are suffering from a decaying or damaged tooth, contact our team at North Tahoe Dental to schedule a consultation and learn more about how the CEREC® one-visit process may work for you.